Rostra Productions has been set up by executive producers Tony McMahon (pictured left) and NIck Daines (pictured right) to create compelling content for TV and online that brings to the forefront issues like gun and knife crime, gangs, online radicalisation and grooming. They both have experience of working inside government around the world to address these acute problems.

Nick and Tony have also worked in the media as journalists, producers and contributors. They understand how to bring these sensitive topics to audiences in a way that will move hearts and minds – and have viewers wanting to know more.

Tony McMahon is a former BBC new producer who co-founded the Money Channel, an early digital TV channel, before going on to join the start-up team at Merchant Cantos, a groundbreaking digital media company. Over the last ten years, he has worked on communications strategies for community-based campaigns around threats like radicalisation by violent extremists, terrorists as well as social harms like gun and knife crime. He also regularly appears as a contributor in TV documentaries on Discovery, Science, Travel, History, Smithsonian and ITV. He has co-founded Rostra Productions with Nick Daines.

Nick Daines is a consultant to the Home Office in the United Kingdom on far-right extremism and online safety. He has worked with some of the most challenging prisoners and vulnerable individuals with psychiatric conditions. He is particularly knowledgable about youth offenders and issues like gangs, abuse and online criminality. He is a respected adviser to governments, police, the armed forces, health service and child protection. He is determined to spread awareness through compelling content about the threat of child exploitation, grooming and modern slavery.