Rostra Productions originates TV and online content ideas around the topics that millions of people care deeply about. The growth of gang culture. The prevalence of online grooming. Terrorist and violent extremist radicalisation targeting young people. Gun and knife crime.

Rostra founders Tony McMahon and Nick Daines have a wealth of experience working with governments around the world and devising programme ideas for TV and online broadcasters.

TV documentaries and real-life experience on the threat of global terrorism

Tony and Nick have worked with government, NGOs and civil society groups around safeguarding communities and vulnerable individuals from radicalisation by jihadi groups like ISIS and far right extremists such as the now proscribed National Action in the United Kingdom.

An in-depth understanding of the threat posed by the Dark Web

Tony and Nick have an in-depth understanding of the threat posed by the Dark Web in areas like narcotics, terrorism, money laundering, child abuse, human trafficking and ransomware. They also have a large network of experts to hand.

Gun and knife crime insights

Tony and Nick have community level insights into the impact guns and knives are having in towns and cities around the world. The relationship with organised crime and the deadly trade in narcotics.